Sangu Zine #1 & ID Digital Identities May 2022

Welcome to the first collective exhibition of NFT artists in Sicily “ID Identità Digitale” curated by

The House of Sangu and Studio Barnum Contemporary.

“ID Digital Identities” is a multisensory experience, with twenty works by artists

emerging Italian and international companies under the banner of NFTs technology: a type of contract

digital based on cryptocurrencies, which allows creatives to manage,

track and monitor sales of digital and original versions of their works.

For artists, this becomes an opportunity to question the role of art in the 

contemporary era and its future, by using technology as a tool for a message that

can reach anyone.

The NFT sees art as a form of digital interconnection through a screen that,

like a window to view, it shortens the distance between society and people.

The dichotomy between the old and the new is inevitable and must be taken into consideration in order not to repeat

the mistakes of the past and enhance the technology and art of the present, as if it were the archeology of the future.

The House of Sangu promotes and supports an international network of artists ready to help each other,

who no longer rely on the traditional logic of the art market but one of the markets in

most popular and successful growth that continues to spread among different industries and numerous

world brands.


The “ID Identità Digitale” exhibition is an opportunity for us to introduce you to the artists who participated in the

first edition of “Sangu Zine” the first NFT art magazine in Italy, of which minting (publication and distribution)

took place on 29 May 2022 at the end of the exhibition. The magazine focuses on various subjects in art and NFT and is

made of unpublished works by twenty artists, with exclusive content and many surprises for our buyers and members of the community.

The House of Sangu describes itself as a blockchain but in human form, an ecosystem of artists united by a

a common goal, and in this case formed by Renica Fade, Celina Zen, Mirella, K.o Zen, M with the Y, Jack Vice,

Wasylla, Succo, Clara V. Vegal Grady, Hybridcode, DDO_, Neraria, Ishilla, Low Budget Group, Queen of Roses, Stef,

Dom Vision, Wordstofbeapoetry, God From the Machine, Andrea Mangione, Alice Rondinella, Gianni Andolina, Vincenzo Medica,

 the programmers of Yomi and Casto systems. 

With the patronage of the Municipality of Noto and the Infiorata di Noto.

From illustration, to videos, from 3d compositions, to photographs to let you touch what NFTs are and make it less

the road leading to this new phase of the web and art is tiring.


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