‘Sangus ordo seclorum’

Sangu secret society is the secretive elite that is conspiring to rule the art world under a one-love-government that will replace hostility with collaboration and support.

Over the years, several allegations and conspiracy theories have been directed towards Sangu, including the allegation that The House of Sangu has a hidden social agenda to save younger people in troubled situations and is conspiring to bring about a Sangu Art Order, an art government organised according to decentralized principles or governed only by blockchain. 

Allegedly the order is made of 4 layers: 

  1. Lambs, this group has just entered the Order,they are waiting for their initiation. 
  2. Order
  3. High priests/priestesses are the connection between the order and the oracle/
  4. The Oracle, is the last and most powerful layer of the Sangu Art Order. 



La società segreta Sangu è l’élite segreta che sta cospirando per governare il mondo dell’arte sotto un governo di “one-love” che sostituirà l’ostilità con la collaborazione e il supporto.

Nel corso degli anni, diverse accuse e teorie del complotto sono state rivolte contro Sangu, compresa l’accusa che la Casa di Sangu abbia un’agenda sociale nascosta per salvare i giovani in situazioni difficili e che stiano cospirando per portare avanti un’Ordine d’Arte di Sangu, un governo dell’arte organizzato secondo principi decentralizzati o governato solo dalla blockchain.

Si dice che l’ordine sia composto da 4 livelli:

  • Agnelli, questo gruppo ha appena aderito all’Ordine,stanno aspettando l’iniziazione.
  • L’Ordine
  • I sacerdoti / sacerdotesse sono il collegamento tra l’Ordine e l’oracolo.
  • L’Oracolo è l’ultimo e il più potente livello dell’Ordine d’Arte di Sangu.


To access the services offered by the House of Sangu, members will need to own one of our three types of membership NFTs, each offering different advantages:

LAMbS Membership NFT:

Cost: 25 euros


  • Access to the House of Sangu platform
  • Ability to participate in events and ALL initiatives, and NFT collections organised by THS.
  • Receipt of informative newsletters about the gallery and the world of NFTs
  • Courses 
  • English lessons

the order Membership NFT:

Cost: 100 euros


  • All above
  • Priority access to NFT auctions
  • 5% discount on NFT purchase and sale commissions in the gallery
  • Access to exclusive events for premium members, such as vernissage and networking evenings
  • Monetary rewards once the gallery is open.


Cost: 500 euros


  • Exclusive access to House of Sangu NFT auctions
  • 10% discount on NFT purchase and sale commissions in the gallery
  • Access to exclusive events for elite members, such as gala dinners and luxury trips
  • Voting power for gallery and collections matters.
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