Take part to Sangu Zine

In a turbulent time and a future that is heading towards a Cyber dystopia, we are immersed in a mass transformation that is changing the structure of our society, everyday life, and ourselves as human beings.

It’s a global metamorphosis that branches out through the physical and digital connections we’ve created, changing from one experience to the next, altering its form and meaning as it interacts with different groups and individuals.

Creative facets of this metamorphosis will be told in Sangu Zine Issue #2, a creative project in which spontaneity and collaboration are the keys, and this year it takes on a new form, expanding its structure to include music.

Over 30 artists will collaborate to create a unique work, a collage of ideas made up of many pieces, like a puzzle. A labyrinth of converging ideas that blend together to create a collective work will be translated into the second edition of our NFT magazine, a collective exhibition that will be displayed throughout Europe.

How does it work?

Sangu Zine it’s a project that lasts 5 weeks starting soon that aims to make artists collaborate. 

It is open to all disciplines and techniques, such as painting, sculpture, installation, photography, graphics, illustration, video, AI, music, writing, poetry, etc, all formats as long as digital are eligible to participate in the selection procedure.

To participate as a solo artist: 

You will need two original and unpublished works of art, which they have never used before and which describe their interests, body of work, and subjects they love. Through these artworks, we will then pair artists and develop a collective piece.

To participate as a collective: 

You will need a minimum of pieces that will be shown on 1/2 projectors dedicated to you. We will need an intro about the project as well as contact for the collective. 

What do we offer?

Participation in this Call and participation in the exhibition following the selection is subject to a contribution of 25 euros guarantees access to The House of Sangu community. The requested contribution represents the membership between Sangu and the selected artist who will be able to benefit from all the activities promoted by Sangu. This membership is a unique opportunity that Sangu offers to artists and creatives: in fact, up to now, the only form of access to the community has been the acquisition of the nft magazine Sangu Zine Issue #1.

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