What is
The House of Sangu?

The House of Sangu is a unique project that seeks to bring together a diverse group of individuals with a shared passion for creativity, innovation, and community.

At its core, The House of Sangu aims to become a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) that works as creative agency and empowers its members to create and host cultural events, share their work and ideas, and collaborate with like-minded individuals, as well as find career opportunities to level up. 

This decentralised approach allows for greater flexibility and autonomy and a more equitable distribution of power and resources within the community.

One of the key focuses of The House of Sangu is the intersection between art and technology. Since 2021, the project has been creating and hosting events, exhibitions, and opportunities that explore this connection, both in physical and digital spaces. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, and virtual reality, The House of Sangu aims to create new avenues for artistic expression and engagement.

However, The House of Sangu is much more than just a platform for showcasing art and technology. Collaboration and support are two core values underpinning the project, emphasising creating a safe and welcoming space that disrupts the hostility often found in traditional art spaces. Through open communication and a commitment to inclusivity, The House of Sangu seeks to create a community that fosters its members’ learning, growth, and creativity.

In addition to providing a platform for creative expression, The House of Sangu also aims to support creatives and entrepreneurs as they navigate the rapidly-evolving landscape of the web 3 space. By offering resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities, The House of Sangu hopes to empower its members to succeed in the digital economy and beyond.

Ultimately, The House of Sangu is an incubator of creative ideas and a catalyst for positive change in the art world and beyond. Through its commitment to collaboration, support, and innovation, The project aims to create a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates the unique talents and perspectives of its members.

PHASE 1: Community Building 2022/23

May 2022
Sangu Zine/ID Digital Identities exhibition
June/December 2022
buid community/marketing
January 2023
Mal.arte nft event
evento nft italia, communty italiana nft
May 2023
Human Code

PHASE 2: Sangu Gallery 2022/23

Our primary objective is to establish a physical space for The House of Sangu in Sicily and expand to other locations globally. The space will function as an NFT gallery, web 3 hub, and safe haven for artists and entrepreneurs to learn and collaborate.

Our strategy will focus on building a strong and engaged community to achieve this goal. We will implement a range of activities such as airdrops, AI collections, group collections, collaborations, and events, to attract and retain users on our platform. We will also leverage various marketing channels to increase brand awareness and promote The House of Sangu to a wider audience.

Month 1-3:

  • Establish the company’s legal structure and obtain necessary licenses and permits.
  • Introduce our three NFT membership levels to the community, offering exclusive benefits to early adopters.
  • Identify and establish partnerships with artists and creatives to feature on our platform.
  • Create events in Sicily, Italy and Europe.
  • Take part to other events

Month 4-6:

  • Launch the NFT marketplace and online gallery platform.
  • Implement airdrops and group collections to engage with the community and attract new users.
  • Develop and implement a marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and grow the community.

Month 7-9:

  • Host virtual events and workshops for artists and entrepreneurs to establish our presence in the Web 3 community.
  • Collaborate with artists and creatives to create unique and high-quality NFT collections to showcase on our platform.
  • Continue building partnerships and expanding our network within the NFT and Web 3 space.

Month 10-12:

  • Organise larger virtual events and exhibitions to showcase the work of our artists and attract a wider audience.
  • Begin the process of securing a physical location in Sicily and planning for the launch of our physical space.
  • Introduce monetary rewards to our most loyal members through a monetary reward system.
  • Develop the NFT marketplace and online gallery platform.

By the end of 2023, our goal is to have a strong and engaged community of NFT artists, collectors, and enthusiasts. We have established The House of Sangu as a reputable and innovative platform in the Web 3 space. We aim to continue building on this foundation as we prepare for the launch of our physical space in Sicily and beyond.

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